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Caring for your Sea Glass

We often are asked how to care for Sea Glass items.

The simple answer is that the Sea Glass itself can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some soap and water, thoroughly drying with a soft paper towel. 

To care and clean Sea Glass Jewellery is a matter of preservation. Keep it as dry as possible, so please remove when showering or swimming.

As with all metal jewellery, the metal can react badly to some cosmetic and even the smallest amount can trigger a reaction and shorten its lifespan drastically. The best place to store your jewellery is in a clean air tight bag. 

To clean Sterling Silver jewellery, please use a soft cloth or special polishing cloth and rub lightly.

After a period of time, you may find that the Sea Glass in your item becomes more frosty or conversely more clear. The natural oils of your skin do help to keep the Sea Glass shiny, however some people like to gently rub the Sea Glass with a small amount of baby oil or natural oils, such as coconut oil before drying off the excess. If you prefer the frosty appearance, this can be restored by a quick clean with soap and water, ensuring it is dried thoroughly. 

Please remember that each piece of Loch Ness Sea Glass we use is unique and can range from very frosty to incredibly clear.

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