Traditional Canal Ware Roses Hand Painted Small Ornamental Watering Can with cascading strands of glass beads and Loch Ness Sea Glass pieces.

Masterfully created by the incredibly talented artisan, Sarah from Crafting Spratt Studios ( exclusively for Ness-Sea Glass, this is a perfect Garden or Indoor Ornament.

The Canal Art Style Watering Can has been hand threaded with flowing strands of glass beads and specially selected pieces of Loch Ness Sea Glass. Hand painted in Traditional Periwinkle Blue with Folk Art Roses and Daisies.

The watering-can is made from metal and is approximately 6.5cm x 7cm with the spout to handle being approximately 16cm. The 5 strands of high tensile strength nylon are varying lengths with the longest being approx. 16cm long. The strands are threaded with 6cm glass beads, so they can be displayed inside or out & will not tarnish or go yellow in the sun. The sea glass pieces used range from approximately 1cm x 1cm to the largest being approximately 3cm x 1cm.

**Please Note** The watering can is an up-cycled creations, and may carry minor dints, which do not detract from the finish of the creation but like any up-cycled hand-painted item they are individual and imperfect, none the less still beautiful.

Traditional Hand Painted Loch Ness Sea Glass Ornamental Watering Can