Mystery Gift Boxes are an ideal way to own a selection of our Loch Ness Sea Glass Jewellery and Gifts with the added element of surprise!
The ultimate gift for any occasion or a cheeky tweet for you. 
Our Gift Boxes are filled with Loch Ness Sea Glass items which are standalone gifts in their own right but the total cost of the items will be more expensive than if purchased individually. 
The contents of the boxes will vary depending on option chosen but are guaranteed to contain at least one item from our Loch Ness Sea Glass Jewellery Collection as well as items from across the store.

Please note, returns are accepted as per our return/refund policy, however the entire contents of the gift box must be returned in original condition to qualify for a refund.

Mystery Gift Box - a selection of Loch Ness Sea Glass Jewellery & Gifts