In the depths of the Loch, there is a magical being. No one has ever truly seen her. The Loch, shrouded in mystery, yet tiny glints of magic appear along the shore, how did they get there. Did she bring them for you to find?We are delighted to have collaborated with Award Winning Paper Cut Artist and Designer Jessica Harkins to bring you this exclusive wall art. Combining three stunning pieces of specially chosen Loch Ness Sea Glass and inspired by the mysterious and magical Loch, Jessica has created an eye catching, beautiful and intricate piece of Nessie artwork.The gorgeous wall hanging is a 9 inch embroidery hoop with suspended Nessie and  seaweed accents. 3 mobile style pieces hang from the base featuring shells , a bubble, stars and two beautiful clear Loch Ness Sea Glass pieces. A single Blue Loch Ness Sea Glass piece hangs as Nessie’s most prized possession. Overall size from top to bottom is approximately 39 x 24 cm.The Sea Glass within the piece are approximately 3cm x 2cm.The art itself is comprised of black 210 gsm card which has been all expertly hand cut.This can be hung directly onto a picture hook or if desired a ribbon or thread can easily be attached to the top to hang from the ceiling. Jessica will be dispatching the item directly from her studio and you can see more of her amazing work at

Loch Ness Sea Glass Nessie Wall Art


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