Clear Loch Ness Sea Glass Dowsing Pendulum with Sterling Silver Buddha design and Sterling Silver Chain

Having had experience of dowsing for many years, We know how important it is for your pendulum to be well made and for the owner to have an affinity and connection with it.

As we make all of our pendulums with Sea Glass which has been submerged, tumbled and shaped by the great Loch Ness, we believe that each piece has the energy of a vast Loch encapsulated within it making it beautifully energised and very special indeed!

As Sea Glass is naturally lighter than heavier crystal rock type pendulums, we have designed ours to have a more finer chain than commerically manufactured ones. We only use high quality Sterling silver to ensure that these pieces are truly stunning.

A sterling silver charm has been added to create something even more special and personal for you.

The piece of Sea Glass within this pendulum is approximately 3.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

The stunning Sterling Silver Buddha design is approximately 1.5 cm long by 1.5 cm wide.

The Pendulm in total is approximately 29 cm (11.4 inches) in length and made from Sterling silver.

This piece of Sea Glass was found on the 29th May 2019 on Dores Beach which is on the banks of Loch Ness.

This will be sent with a carry bag and in a presentation gift box making it an ideal present. Please note that the colour of the bag may vary from that photograph.

Optional addition of a Sterling Sterling Alphabet charm which are approximately 0.9cm x 0.6cm but vary depending on the letter.

Any questions, please ask

Clear Loch Ness Sea Glass Sterling Silver Dowsing Pendulum with Buddha

Alphabet Charm
Presentation Box Colour

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